Trailblazer Coaches

A vital part of the Trailblazers’ team practice is the low youth to coach ratio. Our preference is to have trail riding groups consisting of at least two adults and no more than six young people. That means we need plenty of parent-coaches willing to ride with the team or “sweep” on a regular basis.

All Trailblazers’ coaches are volunteers. They are generous people with the passion and drive to empower youth through mountain biking. Being a volunteer coach is a great way to introduce young people to a healthy outdoor activity, be a positive role model, and it allows you to benefit from being in the outdoors as well!

More coaches are always needed as we continue to grow. Coaching does not require a great deal of commitment, assisting at one or two practices a month is a big help. Come join the fun and ride with us!

Registration with the following two organizations is required in order to become a Trailblazers’ coach:

  1. 3RVS Membership – If you are not already a member of our local bike club, Three Rivers Velo Sport (3RVS). Register for a 3RVS membership here.
  2. MiSCA – MiSCA has partnered with us to make sure our coaches undergo background checks and other sports related training to keep our riders safe. Register for MiSCA here.

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