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DINO Muscatatuck – July 3-4, 2021

Marquette – June 2021

Team family camping trip that has become an annual event. We were here for ten days this year. We were officially camping, but is it really camping if there is a pool and hot tub? The trails are amazing UP here.

DINO Brown County – June 2021

Dirty Donut – June 2021

Greensfelder – June 6, 2021

DINO Winona – May 22, 2021

Chubb Enduro – March 28, 2021


Trailblazer Practice Pics 2019-2020

Practicing bike skills, repairs, trail work and FUN!

Griffin Bike Park – October 25, 2020

MiSCA Bloomer Park – October 18, 2020

Mountain bike racing time trial style and virtual podiums.

MiSCA Milford Trail – October 4, 2020

Camping at Proud Lake. Fall activities included trick or treating for the kids (dressed as a mountain bike team), karaoke and PB whiskey with camping neighbors, Pizza Pizzaz and some pretty muddy mountain bike racing time trial style.

Southwestway – September 20, 2020

Celebrated team birthdays, had some great finishes at the race and marked one campground off the list of ones to book.

MiSCA Addison Oaks – September 13, 2020

Time Trial style MTB racing due to Covid regulations. Kids still rock it out!

DINO Warsaw – September 5, 2020

MiSCA Hickory Glen – August 30, 2020

Camping, fun face masks, jumping the fire and team time.

DINO Southwestway – August 23, 2020

This was a HOT eventful weekend. RV fire and a great race.

DINO Potato Creek – July 26, 2020

Potato Creek camping, racing, cereal eating contest, and root beer floats.

DINO Muscatatuck – July 4, 2020

Marquette – June 2020

A week of primitive camping at Rippling River Resort in Marquette Michigan, lots of mountain bike trails, jumping into Superior at Black Rocks, and Top of the World.


MiSCA Bloomer Park – October 13, 2019

MiSCA Merrell Trail – October 6, 2019

Lilly was here solo and was adopted by a Coyote for a preride.

Griffin Bike Park – October 5-6, 2019

This is an amazing bike park in Terre Haute that was built in memory of Army Sgt. Dale R. Griffin by his friends and family. Learn more about their work here.

MiSCA River Bends – September 29, 2019

MiSCA Brighton – September 15, 2019

Wes with his first MiSCA podium. Look at the little guys on the striders!

MiSCA Fort Custer – September 8, 2019

New trails and new friends.

MiSCA Addison Oaks – August 25, 2019

First race with MiSCA. So many smiling faces!