Racing is a fun option for riders to challenge themselves and meet more bike friends. There are multiple opportunities throughout the summer and fall for riders to participate in races. We camp near many of the races from Friday through Sunday. Being near the venue allows the whole family to ride the trails and get to know the rest of the team! Check the Trailblazer Moms & Dads page for details about camping.


The DINO series offers youth races in conjunction with the adult series. Intro or Junior riders will pay $20 online; $30 day of; or $100 for a season pass.


Some families travel to Michigan and participate in the MiSCA Race Series events that are also only for the youth riders. The NEIC Trailblazers who choose to participate in the Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association racers must register annually ($). Each race has fees associated as well. Information for the individual races or series registration is available on the MiSCA website.

Registration is open. Pre-register for the full series and receive their annual t-shirt.