NEIC Trailblazers Rider Registration

Membership for the Trailblazers requires both a Family Membership to 3RVS and Registration for each youth rider joining the team. Click on the Trailblazer Bike to go to the registration page.

On the BikeReg site, select both the Family Membership and 3RVS NEIC Trailblazers Youth Registration.

Please fill out Member Contact Information for each family member including non-Trailblazer family members. Lots of opportunities to get the whole crew involved throughout the year. Sign the membership waiver for each person in your family.

The next section for 3RVS NEIC Trailblazers Youth Registration asks for a Team Name. Each Youth Registration will ask for an emergency contact name and phone number. Please list the number we will be able to contact you at during practices.

Membership Questions will need to be answered for each individual youth registration (MTB experience level, shirt size, school, grade, allergies, and goals for the year).

Welcome to the team!

If you have any questions, please let us know at